Teenager In Tamil Nadu ‘Stabs’ Cousin To Death But Released By Police; Here’s What Happened

New Delhi: A 19-year-old teenager stabbed her cousin to death in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvallur. In other circumstances, one would presume a jail sentence however in this case she was let go. ALSO READ | As Groom Elopes From Wedding, Bride Marries A Guest Present On The Occasion

The case was reported to Tiruvallur Superintendent of Police (SP) P Aravindhan on Sunday night when he received an urgent call from his deputy officer.

The incident took place on the evening of January 2 when the 19-year-old had gone to a secluded place near her residence to relieve herself. She was startled by the attacker who turned out to be her cousin. He pounced on her and attempted to rape at knife-point. She pleaded to him but he, in turn, threatened to kill her if she didn’t give in.

When she realised that he was in a drunken state, she pushed him and as the knife fells off his grip, she grabbed it and stabbed him on the neck and face. Saving herself, she fled the spot.

The girl then went ahead to report the incident to the police, disclosing the entire incident in detail.

The 25-year-old man had previously tried to harass her and was warned by the family over the same. He is reported to have been an unemployed alcoholic who was also facing several criminal cases.

Tiruvallur SP P Aravindhan revealed that the survivor was released under Section 100 (when the right of the private defence of the body extends to causing death) and clause 3 (an assault with an intention of causing rape) of the IPC.

The police were shocked to see the bravery and strength of this young girl who not just saved herself but reported the case voluntarily while providing every detail with clarity.

A report will be submitted at the courts and the way out to this case is being charted out. Meanwhile, the survivour has been reportedly moved to a government care centre.

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