How to get free PUBG UC

There are several ways to get free UC. However, some of those methods are illegal while some are legal.
Anyways, here is a description about the ways you can use to get free UC.
PUBG Mobile UC Generator

PUBG Mobile gaming has its own in-game currency popular among people as UC. UC are used for the
purpose of getting exclusive sets of weapon skins, outfits, etc. Getting UCs can get costly. However you
are on the opposite idea of not spending money and trying some other ways to get UC, you can always
get them. You can take part in several of the events, complete all those rare missions. However, there is
another method, PUBG Mobile UC Generator. It falls under the illegal category of getting access to in-
game currency. The method is accessed and brought into use by most of the users. However, there is
always risk of getting your ID banned from the game.

So all you need to do is provide your proper account details such as username, user ID, the platform you
have been using at current times to play PUBG Mobile. Then, your long wait will be over finally. You will
see UC transferred to your account in some hours time. But as said already, it is illegal. It promotes
hacks that goes against the community guidelines of official PUBG Mobile team. Also, you are likely to
give your personal information to untrusted sources. So it is all at your own risk. That is why, you need
to think before you try and approach this method.

But there are however legal ways via which you can get UC for your account.
Did you know you can get UC just by completing all those weekly events and missions? I bet most of you
dont. Yeah, you heard it right. The officials release about 7 to 8 weekly events every 2 weeks in average.
It provides you the chance of getting 10 to 50 UC. The other way by which you can get UC is spend your
own money. You will have approximately 600 UC with every Standard Royale Pass. You can utilize it in
order to buy exclusive items or you can wait till season's ending date for renewal of your Royale Pass.
Getting UCs can however get costly for you. Like it may be available for you at approximately 20 to 30
US Dollars.

Have you ever heard of Google Play Free Credit? Yes, you can get free UC for PUBG Mobile via it. You
will get some free Google Play Credit from the Google Play Store. The users get this randomly. These
play credits can then be used for buying UC. All you need to do is choose the amount for which they are
willing to buy it and then your Google Play Credit amount will itself be reduced from the payment you
have made. Although not direct method, but it is kind of free way to get UC.

Not only does Google offer you with Google Play Free Credit, but you get Google Play Gift Cards too.
There are some of the applications such as appKarma that gives you free Google Play Gift cards as
rewards. All you need to do is perform the tasks mentioned in the applications. But before that, you
need to get yourself registered and then select any of the tasks mentioned and proceed ahead for
earning the points. The points you collect can then be used for buying Google Play Gift cards and can
even be used for the purpose of buying UC, without involvement of actual money.

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