How to get PUBG Mobile free Skin

The availability of cosmetics makes PUBG Mobile gaming more fascinating. Its kind of really important.
The biggest mobile game at current in India is with no doubt PUBG Mobile. And the users of the game
certainly dont want to miss out on having access to awesome gun skins.

If you say what benefit does it offer? Let me tell you the weapons appearance, everything looks far way attractive than before, you will feel you are different to others in terms of gun skin themes, and you will ofcourse find your character different too. So it will delvelop more interest in the game.Here is all that you need to know regarding PUBG Mobile free gun skin 2020.

How to get Royal Pass in Pubg Mobile

Ways to get PUBG Mobile Free Gun Skin 2020: Redeem Codes
The gamers know it all, when you talk about PUBG Mobile free gun skins, then ofcourse the first thing
that hits the mind is redeem codes. Why not? After all, it is the most easiest and absolutely costless way
of getting access to weapon cosmetics. PUBG Mobile has added a new feature thst goes by Redemption
Center, which enables the users to get their free rewards only by verifying their codes. You will find
these codes being shared on social medias. So it would be better if you do it quicker than the others.

About PUBG Mobile Free Gun Skin Redeem Code 2020
PUBG Mobile Corporation brings limited number of redeem codes on social platforms every year. So it
would be beneficial for the users if they are updated time to time to the posts of PUBG mobile
Corporation. You will get rewards of no cost. Who would want to miss these opportunities? Gun skins,
consumables, currency i.e. UCs and BPs, free character skins, etc are all those things that come under it.
At present there are some of the redeem codes given below:

JJCZCDZ9U: Free AKM skin
SD14G84FCC: Free AKM Glacier skin
KARZBZYTR: Free KAR98k sniper skin
PGHZDBTFZ95UBBB: Free M416 skin
PGHZDBTFZ95U: One Free M416 skin (only for the first 5000 redeemers)

RNUZBZ9QQ: Free M416 Glacier skin
S78FTU2XJ: Free M16A4 skin

Way to use PUBG Mobile Free Gun Skin Redeem Code 2020
All you need to do is look on the following steps mentioned below for entering PUNG Mobile redeem
All you need to do is go to PUBG Mobile Redemption Centre section
Then you must enter your in-game ID. You will find it right above your profile picture.
Press redeem code, check your mailbox in PUBG Mobile. Your rewards must be waiting there.

Event Missions
There are some of the events that PUBG Mobile conducts for a certain period of time. You need to
perform the mentioned tasks and then you will get your BPs as reward. Not only this, you are likely to
get free gun skins. The events however differ as per country and the region you live in. You can use VPN,
howver it's not a good idea. You may get your ID banned permanently since these applications are third-
party interventions.

Royale Pass Holders
Even you guys can get exclusive PUBG Mobile free gun skins 2020. All you need to do is play game
regularly and increase your royal pass level.

Ranked Games
You can play ranked games. Once you reach certain tier in ranked games, you will get access to all types
of rewards such as BPs, outfits, gun skins. Season 14 of PUBG Mobile offered Diamond tier players with
free sliver-plated M24 skin, and also Dazzling Youth M416. So guys hurry up soon.

Free UC
You can use your free UC to get gun skins. Although, it doesn't offer you skins directly. However, it is
free. You need to just perform certain tasks, surveys to get Google Play Gift Cards. You can exchange
them for gift vouchers and then UC. But the gift cards valuation are different according to region and
countries you reside. Just be sure to protect your information otherwise it might get stolen. So, choose
the correct sites. Swagbucks, Grabpoints, Google Opinion Rewards are some of the applications offering
you gift cards for free UC.

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