How to get Royal Pass in Pubg Mobile


This article will provide you required information on way to get PUBG Mobiles Season 17 Royal Pass.

17th season of PUBG Mobile – Runic Powe has already commenced. Following the update, within few
days time, there was an announcement made about a new Royal Pass update. 13th season of Battle
Royal game features some of the exclusive skins, emotes, outfits.

There is availability of two choices regarding Royal Pass. The choices are elite version and free version.
However, if you want to compare and look at these two, you will find out that the free version offers
you relatively less rewards as compared to that of elite version. One can get access all those exclusive
skins only via Elite Pass. As a PUBG player, you always have the wish to get your character, weapons,
suit, etc. decorated and make it better than the other users.

How to Get Free Pubg UC

You can get your Elite Pass at just 600 UC. You can even redeem the RP rewards the coming season. If you are wondering what features do PUBG Mobile Season 17 patch notes present, then let us tell you
it has all updates on what is to happen.

Rewards based on RUNIC POWER:
There will be choices for the users to choose between Resplendent Dawn and Deadly Sickle at rank 50.
However, one has to rank up to 100 in order to have access to majestic Guardian Armor Set, together
with new UZI and M16A4 skin.

How to get PUBG Mobile free Skin

Changes have been brought to RP missions and the difficulty level has been minimized while the point
rewards are increased. So PUBG users do your missions real quick to collect activity and get point

The fun, the thrill, and the adventure events are back with a bang in the form of RUNIC POWER theme.
All you need to do is check out RP exclusive event tab in order to get Metro Badges. Then you will feel
the real fun. Also get ready to collect all exclusive supplies. Why? So that you might be able to redeem 1
out of 2 sets, exclusive vehicles, and other grand rewards.

Choosing between UC and AG :

Any one of these two UC or AG currency will work, however it depends on you. You can change it if you
will to and prefer a new method over these two.

Way to unlock Elite Royal Pass 17 in PUBG Mobile?

So if you want to unlock Elite Royal Pass 17 in PUBG Mobile and get the every thrill, fun in PUBG. Get
ready to know the process for that. There are just 4 basic steps mentioned below. Check them out.

Step 1 : All you need to do is start the PUBG Mobile Application
Step 2 : The top of your screen displays RP button, you need to click on it. After that the screen with
season's Royal pass will get displayed on your screen and all the rewards offered by it will also be
Step 3: You will find upgrade pass option pass on the bottom right corner of your scree. You need yo just
click the icon.
Step 4 : Now the choice is all yours, you can either select Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus, to buy. The Elite
Pass comes to you at 600 UC while the Elite Pass Plus comes to cost you around 1800 UC. Elite Pass Plus
opens 25 levels of royal pass

So these are some of the ways via which you can get Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile. You can try any of the
aforementioned ones. The choice is all yours. Get Royal Pass quick and unleash the beast of player in

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